Farmer’s markets-the place for summer’s bounty

Farmers' market stand

Farmers’ market stand

Farmers markets are the place where this year’s crops are starting to come in with delicious, fresh fruits and vegetables. You’ll get food that is at its nutritious best, pesticide free and non-GMO. The closer to the farm you can get in buying your fresh fruits and veg, the better. Local farmers markets and farm stands have produce that was picked a few hours before you bought it. Berry farms very often encourage people to come and pick fruit to take home at a very reasonable price. Its a great family outing. Farmers’ markets also have really fresh food and other farm products such honey, jams and the like. These are products that you won’t find at your local super market. They tend to make things without a lot of additives or preservatives.

There are farms that have produce stands open all year. Very often they are farms that also sell eggs and meat products. Check them out by asking questions and find out just what the farm raises. Sometime a local farmer will have a stand that sells produce from people who don’t want to sell themselves. Some farms have their chickens in movable runs that allows the chickens to be free range.

There are a number of ways of finding local farmers’ markets. Websites such as Local Harvest will help. There’s an app for that as well: Farmstand.  Local farmers’ associations should have a list of farmers markets as well as farms that have stands that sell their produce. And of course there’s the old reliable, Google and other search engines.

Your local supermarket is an alternative to farm stands or farmers markets. Find out the source of their produce. There are supermarkets that go out of their way to source locally which is great. If you can, buy organic produce. Organic produce tends to be more expensive and isn’t always supermarket perfect looking.

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