Controlling Stress and Anxiety with Vitamins and Minerals

Stress is the scourge of modern life. At its most basic, it is a reaction to danger. Under stress, we may feel tense, anxious, or nervous. The reaction can be physical, as well as triggering a surge of a hormone called adrenaline that briefly influences the sensory system. It sources are many: work, family, and noise to name a few. The list is endless.

Stress does have a place in our lives by saving us from danger particularly physical danger, but too much stress is not a good thing. It can cause anxiety, depression. It can also manifest itself physically: tight muscles, low energy, irritability, the inability to sleep properly. And the list goes on. There are a number of ways to reverse stress. Hard physical exercise and meditation are two. There are various drugs that have been developed to specifically control stress. Good  vitamin and mineral supplementation and a good diet can also relieve stress.

The VITAMIN B group of vitamins as well as foods such as: Dried fruit, Nuts, Eggs, Seafood, Lean meat, Whole grains such brown rice, Yeast extracts, Green vegetables, Seeds, Dairy produts, Lentils and other pulses.

VITAMIN C. This vitamin reduces the stress hormones in your system. Vitamin C can be taken as a supplement or through the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

MAGNESIUM. Magnesium is the most important mineral for stress maintenance. It helps to reliever muscle tension and cramps. Its found in nuts, seeds, green vegetables, wholegrains and pulses.

CALCIUM: important for muscle and nerve health. Foods such as canned fish, yogurt, cheese and pulses.

ZINC & COPPER: These minerals boost immune function. Foods such as red meat, nuts and wholegrains are rich in these minerals.

A proper diet will help you manage stress, but if you can’t get that, there are excellent supplements that will fill the bill. Essential Vitality has more information on vitamin and mineral supplements.

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