Herbal Teas and their medicinal properties



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Herbal teas have been used for centuries for medicinal purposes. It is a wonderful way to help that which ails us in a pleasant way. There are an infinite number of herbal teas that are blended into herbal infusions.

Green tea has been used for centuries by the Chinese and Indians in their traditional medicines. Among the many possible health benefits:

  • control of bleeding,
  • wound healing,
  • aid in digestion,
  • improved heart health,
  • regulating body temperature and
  • aid in improving mental health.

As well, recent studies seem to indicate that there is potential for improvement in:

  • weight loss,
  • liver disorders,
  • type 2 diabetes and
  • Alzheimer’s disease.

As well, studies have shown that green tea may impact rates of cancer although lifestyle facts could also play part. In today’s world, green tea is not just for drinking as a hot beverage, its also included in smoothies and baked goods.

Chamomile tea, like green tea, has a very long history of uses for medicinal as well as social purposes. Studies have shown that chamomile tea a bedtime helps relieve:

  • general aches and pains,
  • headaches and
  • arthritic pain

allowing for a more restful sleep. As well, chamomile tea is known for its support for the nervous and digestive system, easing stress and nervousness. In children, chamomile tea is popular for calming colic and childhood digestive issues.

Other types of Herbal teas


Herbal teas are often a part of a detoxification or cleansing regimen. The body builds up toxins from food and the environment, and these toxins can have a major, negative impact on our health. Cleansing regimens can take many forms, the most common being:

The organs that are most commonly targeted for cleansing are the colon, kidneys and liver, but it is important to be careful about cleansing. This is an area where more is not necessarily better. For general information on cleansing go to Essential Vitality.

Social teas

Herbal teas have always been in enjoyed in relaxed social settings. Teas that include ginger, lemon and peppermint to name a few. Of course, we can’t forget teas such as orange pekoe and Earl Grey. Wonderful!

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